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Teaching effective martial arts and self defense classes in the Reno Sparks area since 1969
311 9th st., sparks, nv 89431


Welcome to the Bushidokan and to Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu

Sensei and Shodai - Senior Martial Artist of Ju Jitsu
The Bushidokan Martial Arts Temple (official site)  is a Martial Arts based communion which was founded in 1969. The Bushidokan is dedicated to developing its students through the martial arts (Ju Jitsu and Bujitsu) and other related courses. The Bushidokan uses a system of instruction known as the "Dan Zan Ryu Zenyo Bujutsu". Zenyo Bujutsu translates into "Martial Arts (bujutsu) with a comprehensive understanding of the whole (zenyo)". In this Kodenkan-style system, the senior students transmit learning to the junior students. This method of instruction, under the guidance of highly qualified instructors, leads to greater physical and mental retention of what has been learned. The Bushidokan believes that honest mistakes are the real teachers of experience, and that excellence in education can only be returned through the initiative of the mutual cooperation and growth of the student and the instructor while they learn from the other. The founders, as well as the current board of directors and faculty, all share the belief that it is necessary for the mind, body and spirit to be in harmony for true growth and development.
Sensei and Shodai throwing Black belt
Welcome to the Bushidokan and to Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu. To study here means to move toward a greater awareness and perfection of character. The Bushidokan is a temple of high ideals and morale concepts as well as a training hall for combative prowess, “polish your spirit and you polish your martial arts”.

The training here at the Bushidokan involves all elements of the martial arts for physical, mental, and spiritual harmony. Progress may be slower than expected due to the precise, controlled movements that are required to master the system. Jujitsu is a very deadly art which lends (requires) itself to slow purposeful study and practice.

Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu is an esoteric system based on the utilization of momentum and leverage over the use of brute force. In developing physical abilities to defend yourself, you will also develop mental abilities to expand your inner strength and grow as an individual. In this system the mental aspects far out weigh the physical. Thus a true masters' strength comes not from his body but from his mind. With increased confidence and capabilities also comes increased responsibilities. The successful Jujitsuka does not seek out conflicts, rather avoids them, using the physical skills of defense only as a last resort.

The beginning levels of instruction involve the principles of leverage, movement, coordination, balance, and personal safety. These principles form the physical foundation of jujitus and within these principles can be found the basis of self defense. To acquire mastery of the physical elements of jujitsu requires practice and patience. Do not expect overnight proficiency. Also do not look toward promotion or the learning of new and more advanced techniques; concentrate on the lessons and techniques being presented. As you progress through the system you will find that each new set of techniques is based on the preceding ones, therefore to gain command of the basic techniques will, in the long run, mean to (you or the mastery of) master the advanced techniques.

Within the framework of Jujitsu you will be taught self-protection techniques to be used against every conceivable type of attack, defenses involving multiple attackers, knifes, guns, and other weapons. In addition you will learn karate and Kung Fu techniques. As you advance you will also be instructed in the arts of the sword, the bokken, bo (staff), hon bo, along with other traditional and modern weapons. Massage and traditional healing arts are also a very important part of the instruction at the Bushidokan. To have the ability to maim constitutes the requirement to heal.

Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu utilizes a systematic approach to the martial arts; however, this does not mean that the techniques are without diversification. You will find that Jujitsu adapts to the individual and this is a need for structure of foundation. Yet only through your personal perception can you comprehend the secrets of jujitsu. In the course of study you will find that the techniques of each instructor will vary, as will his approach toward teaching. This does not mean that one instructor is better than the another, but rather each is an individual. With this broad spectrum of instructors, you, the student, will gain an invaluable insight into jujitsu.

As you progress you will be faced with many challenges. Some will come from Sensei and some from your instructors. However, many will come from within yourself. You will experience peaks and valleys in growth and there will be many times you will feel like quitting, but patience and strong will to master this complex art and most difficult of all – to master yourself. With dedication and sincerity you will prevail.