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Teaching effective martial arts and self defense classes in the Reno Sparks area since 1969
311 9th st., sparks, nv 89431

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The Bushidokan Martial Arts Temple

This site is dedicated to all that is kids (for the official site click here)
Bushidokan Martial Arts Temple is a traditional dojo dedicated to working together and helping each other in developement. We are dojo in the spirit of kokua; helping each other and creating bonds. All of us are volunteers and the dojo runs on donations.

two black belts fighting it out

karate practice

yellow wanting to do mma arm lock

martial arts class

tai chi on world tai chi day

Instructors Philosophy

Self Discipline Self discipline through tradition
At Bushidokan we teach Dan Zan Ryu Jujitsu and Bujutsu.  Martial arts (jujitsu or jiu jitsu) is taught in a traditional manner. We are not an MMA school or fight club and we do not teach Brazilian Jujitsu our goal is different.

We feel tradition ensures teaching good values as well as proper self defense techniques. The two must be taught together.  Learning jujitsu at Bushidokan Martial Arts Temple means to move toward a greater awareness and perfection of character.

Jujitsu Instruction

taking falls Students practice to become leaders.
Beginning levels of instruction involve the principles of leverage, movement, coordination, balance and persnal safety. Within the framework of Jujitsu you will be taught self-protection techniques to be used against every conceivable type of attack.

We break down the arts into their pieces, teaching one step at a time how to control our bodies for maximum effect. We are positive-motivation based, using encouragement and praise combined with discipline to assist children and young adults move along in the ranks, as well as in life.

What children learn

jiu jitsu throw from Karate kick Kids safely learn what very few do.
Your child will have the opportunity to learn qualities that your child can take with them throughout their life.
Jujitsu is an extraordinary option for kids. They learn the value of; discipline, self control, friendship, respect and of course, Self defense.

We focus on building:

  • Confidence
  • Better emotional control
  • Respect
  • Self descipline
  • Physical control and safety/well being of others
  • and of course Powerful Self Defense techniques

black belt being thrown Instructors help build confidence by particapting with students.

Bushidokan Federation

Bushidokan Federation Logo
We are a member and headquarters of the Bushidokan Federation. We are a world-wide organization. To learn more follow this link here

Sensei throwing - no grappling there Shodai and our Sensei demonstrates defense from an attacker.